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Alex | 19 | She/Her




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Stamp: Pierce the veil by Ashley44598XOf Mice And Men Stamp by Luvise
Guitar Solos Stamp by twozardanthrax by krassrocks
Metallica Stamp by iZgoCannibal Corpse by freakenstein1313
Slipknot Logo by freakenstein1313Death Metal by Skuld-Youngest-Norn
STAMP - Heavy Metal Love by ArsenicsamAPantera Stamp by Imbadoodles
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ACDC Stamp by ZacNewtonDrum Solos Stamp by OkdroMasterOfRunes
black sabbath by krassrocksLed Zeppelin Stamp by gangsterg
Behemoth Stamp by ScarsOfFreedomSUICIDE SILENCE - Bludgeoned by zombisu
Whitechapel by OminousShadowsBorn of Osiris Stamp by hafoot
All That Remains by hafootA Day to Remember by hafoot
Parkway Drive by hafootOceano by hafoot
As I Lay Dying Stamp by hafootJob for a Cowboy by OminousShadows
Megadeth Stamp by MegadethStamp1plzAsking Alexandria by hafoot
The black dahlia murder stamp by old-mc-donaldLinkin Park Stamp by Sora05
Bullet For My Valentine Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsDisturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Blessthefall by hafootImpending Doom Stamp by SonicPL2012
Thy Art Is Murder Stamp by MYTHICALPOTATOESfive finger death punch stamp by Tuerie
Winds of Plague STAMP by 13surgeriesAborted Stamp by xReshy
Korn by WearwolfaaOpeth Stamp by cirruswolf
infinityonhigh x fall out boy. by ValotoxinMayhem by old-mc-donald
..:: Death Stamp ::.. by frostmasterTrivium Stamp by WildTheory
Custom box background made by firstfear

- Stamp: Melanie's Alphabet Boy. - by ChicaTH- Stamp: Melanie's Sippy Cup. - by ChicaTH- Stamp: Melanie's Dollhouse. - by ChicaTH

Please do NOT note me about your commission, I will get them done asap. Thank you !!
(Unless you wanna change something)

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Can someone lend me $12? I'll draw you one of these on stream right away -- 

1 deviant said…
No deviants said I'm kinda in pain for some reason and I wanna go get some meds for it ;w;...

Kinda late but,

I'm so thankful of all my friends I have made in the years of being on the Internet, many who I could not see myself without at all. I don't know where I would have been if I didn't have amazing AMAZING close friends like h0nesty and dreamlngs  I truly enjoy literally every second of talking to them, or even talking about them. I don't have very much friends, nor have I had very much in the past, but I would choose 1 or 2 best friends instead of bunches of them any day.

Sam tho...I love are truly one of the greatest friends I have ever gotten so lucky to have. I don't think anyone could compare to you?? Ever??? We've been friends for so long..I really hope we stay best friends until we're like 90 ready to fucking die lmao. Let's get buried together, kay? >:v)
Ahh I never know what else to say because words cannot honestly describe how thankful I am to have you as a part of my life. You've made my life so much better, I don't think I would have kept going if it wasn't for you. Meeting you was the best thing ever...I truly wish that we can live together someday. <3

Christy, I know we have only been friends for a short time but DAMN do I feel like we are close?? I love you.. You're so dumb and amazing. Also one of the most kindest people ever???? Kind is honestly an understatement. You've already done so much for me, I don't think I'll ever do enough to repay the favor(s) because you're just that fucking sweet and uGHHH...never kys because I will kms I'm not even joking my dude...I adore everything about you??? NEVER CHANGE!!! >:v(

Also I probably don't say this a lot (or maybe I do?) but you guys..can come talk to me about anything and I'll listen 100%. Vent or not idc I love talking to my friends and hearing what they have to say. Especially if I can help them through a hard time, I'll always be here for that. You can talk to me all day every day and I will never get annoyed. N e v e r!!!

I love you guys. <3 <3

So I've thought about this for a while and I really wanna start to save for a new tablet
but not just any tablet

i really want a Cintiq tablet........
but the thing costs $1,600?? or about..

i'm going to be applying for a job at StarBucks soon so hopefully that'll help??? if i actually get the job.. LMAO

i dont know man i just, really want a good tablet that I will feel professional with and maybe get my shit together with it. 
the tablet i have is so old, my mom bought it for me when i was like 8 -- so I've had it for about ...10...11.. years....

i know i wont get/save up enough in a short time so i'm doing this as a ..long term goal???

do any of y'all have a Cintiq, and would you recommend it?? also what size would you recommend/do you have?
I'm not so sure I want the BIGGEST one available but I honestly have no idea.
Cintiq Pro vs. Cintiq HD/Touch??? Which is better...

I need to get my shit together lmao I believe this is a way to get myself together, haha.

If any of y'all wanna help me out by donating anything you have left over that would mean SO much to me!
none of you have to donate it's just if someone wants too. c: im not pushy.
also that's not my main paypal, so the money will stay in there and I won't spend it.

im gonna put all of my money I get from Christmas this year to this goal so... 



Dec 3, 2016
4:57 am
Dec 3, 2016
2:19 am
Dec 2, 2016
5:02 pm
Dec 2, 2016
4:08 pm
Dec 2, 2016
2:48 pm

{My luv}


{☠ ☠}


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dreamlngs Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
why did you give me a core... im gonna beat you up!!! ♥
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Kayruh Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
I love your stamps and you are perhaps the coolest person Ive ever stumbled across! ... wanna be friends? >_>
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heartXsurgery Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
i need more alex in my life 
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Doodle-Trash Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
*slithers onto page*

thanks for giving this lonely potato a watch

*watches back*
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